Leading Logistics Company GIGL Launches Cost Effective Delivery Plan for e-Commerce Merchants

Africa’s leading logistics company, GIGL has launched its ‘Class Plan’ which aims at providing a cost-effective logistics solution for e-Commerce merchants. The plan is in line with GIGL’s commitment to meet every business with logistics services that are smart, effective and completely flexible.

The importance of e-Commerce cannot be overstated especially in the face of an unending pandemic which has ushered in a new normal. So, by simplifying the buying process and making it easier for the consumer to connect with the right seller, e-Commerce makes life a whole lot easier for the consumer. Yet, effective logistics remains the ultimate enabler of that process.

GIG LOGISTICS A seamless logistics process is one of the major defining factors in ensuring a consistently valuable consumer journey the world over. But companies delivering seamless logistics processes are not easy to come by, especially in Africa and Nigeria. The e-Commerce merchant is therefore always faced with the huge task of selecting a reliable and efficient logistics partner who will adequately deliver value.

In order to take this decision, the ecommerce merchant is faced with a number of points to consider, some of which definitely pose challenges. Charges like shipping costs, insurance fees, and such others tend to bear down on the profits of the merchant, notwithstanding the aspect of engaging a quality platform that synchronizes the logistics process and actually provides timely & efficient deliveries.

GIGL Class which offers up 15% discount on shipping charges was created as the ecommerce merchant’s solution to these and other far-reaching issues. The plan also offers free insurance cover on all shipments, priority shipping for merchants who subscribe to it, no charges on COD (Cash on Delivery), free bulk pick up for interstate deliveries, e-Commerce business growth kit, a dedicated account officer and media visibility for business growth.

GIG LOGISTICS IMGWith these offers, the merchant is able to consistently fulfil those consumer needs beyond the limits of the regular merchant, ultimately giving him a strategic advantage over competitors.

At an affordable monthly subscription fee of ₦4,999, GIGL Class supplies the merchant with immense value by largely reducing the burden of cost arising from standard and incidental charges, managing the fine details of the logistics process and completing the final yet crucial path on the consumer journey, being timely & accurate delivery to the end user.

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Media visibility for the merchant increases brand awareness and positions him as a verified & trustworthy brand, by virtue of association with the GIG Logistics platform, while the additional growth kit ensures that the merchant is equipped with detailed insights from professionals with mastery in the industry, to better manage & grow his brand.

Interested merchants can sign up to the GIGL Class plan either from the website portal or through the GIGGo App. This innovative solution was designed by GIG Logistics, an indigenous company that supports social/eCommerce businesses by providing innovative delivery solutions to domestic and international destinations.

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