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AURA launches new WhatsApp security chatbot, CareGuard: See how the technology works

AURA, a South African security and medical response startup, has launched CareGuard, a WhatsApp security chatbot in partnership with Tracker, a company in charge of stolen vehicle recovery.

Building the novel technology, the startup developed a cloud-based security and safety platform, which, according to press, is capable of providing on-demand, geographically-variable security responses from an aggregated collection of the best independent armed reaction companies in South Africa.

Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of AURA, Myers, explains that the new service illustrated the power of technology in preventing and combating crime.

He added that the design further illustrated the role technology could play in enabling South African businesses to offer innovative security products and services to customers.

CareGuard AuraHe said: “WhatsApp is used by over two billion people in over 180 countries. With such widespread popularity and reach in South Africa, WhatsApp is the most coherent delivery tool to put private security in the hands of those who need it at an affordable price point.

“Such a tool is not only easy to use, but is easily shareable too, making it a quick and responsive means of fighting crime.”

What this means:

CareGuard is designed to offer rapid mobile emergency response anywhere, anytime within South Africa, and enables subscribers to request immediate mobile armed response assistance wherever they are by sharing a location pin in WhatsApp.

CareGuard, leveraging the partnership with Tracker, will give majority of South Africans increased accessibility to crucial emergency services who can’t afford the benefits of private security.

What you should know:

  • AURA, recently secured a couple of tranches of funding from HAVAÍC, a South African investment and advisory firm and now partnered with Tracker’s to roll out the CareGuard service.
  • The security chatbot connects to AURA’s nationwide network of over 1,500 armed responders by making use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline its system.
  • With the AURA-backed Tracker, CareGuard solution ensures that the closest responders are dispatched to a distress call.

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