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Startup to watch: Bamboo could be Africa’s future passport to cross-industry investment

Beyond the real estate business, the venture story of Bamboo Group, as a Pan-African organisation, has been that of a company constantly embracing change, opening up to opportunities, and leveraging technology to reinvent and create wealth.

Little wonder it went ahead to become Africa’s first crypto-compliance real estate company, accepting bitcoin as a payment option.

From its real estate subdivision to its construction, agriculture, capital, and energy subsidiaries, the Bamboo brand continues to demonstrate increasing interest in Africa as its business domain, identifying potentials and investing accordingly.

Founded in 2018, and incorporated in 2019; its Real Estate and Construction arm has transformed into a leading provider of comfortable land and housing units in Africa.

Bamboo real estate

True to its goal as a business hub, the 3 year old startup has grown to be remarkable for its future forward managerial approach.

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CEO Bamboo Real Estate and Construction Limited, Oseyomon Ighodaloh, aptly captures this sentiment when he spoke on the backdrop of the company’s recent adoption of bitcoin as a payment tender.

He said: “As a leading provider of comfortable land and housing, innovation and technology have always been our hallmark, hence the need to adapt to smarter means of payment for Africa’s growing tech savvy population.”

The Bamboo diversifications:

Bamboo Group

Real estate: Since its incorporation, Bamboo plays in the real estate space, providing its clientele opportunities to own luxurious commercial and residential properties in strategic areas in Nigeria.

Bamboo construction

Construction: Keying into the manufacturing sector, Bamboo runs another major arm that designs, builds and maintains various kinds of civil and engineering portfolios across platforms.

Bamboo Energy

Energy: Understanding the opportunities in oil and gas, Bamboo, under its portfolio, manages an energy company, providing clients with high quality and well refined petroleum products at an affordable price.

Bamboo Agric

Agriculture: Bamboo is not blind to opportunities in the agric space. In fact, the Bamboo Group provides people access to launch and grow their investment in the ever growing agricutural industry in Africa.

Why Bamboo is a startup to watch:

Harnessing business opportunities: Less than 5 years since its inception, the startup has leapfrogged in great momentum via its diversification body language, opening its stations in Nigeria and Kenya to tap into market size of 200 million and 52 million respectively.

Leveraging tech to build solutions: An overview of its indigenous estate app is outstanding. With the neighbourhood interactive app, residents can get regular security reports, get daily weather reports, order a taxi, meals, as well as shop for groceries and foodstuffs from Bamboo accredited malls at discounted rates, pay and monitor bills, find closest ATMs, filling stations, malls, etcetera.

Scaling beyond odds: Despite the CBN’s stand on cryptocurrency, Bamboo’s resolution to identify with the decentralised commodity speak volumes of its attitude to lead tech dialogues across industries in Africa.

Bottom line:

ICT, in 2020, contributed more than 15% to Nigeria’s Real GDP, according to new report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).

For a startup, like the Bamboo, that plays in this space through its various business ventures, its stride cannot but only be acknowledged, and tracked as venture analysts.

And, while Bamboo’s instantaneous growth continues to be encouraging, going forward to demonstrate the group’s unparalleled zeal to serve solutions to the public; only time can tell how prominent this emerging industry leader will later grow to become.

And, perhaps, another market leader is on the road to rank, like the Dangote Group, amidst titans, sitting in the upper echelons of the business world. To sum up, Bamboo could be Africa’s future passport to cross-industry investment.

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