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App Review: Bolt helps Nigerians connect places faster and cheaper 

The Bolt app has made transportation both a luxury and comfort since the business entry of Bolt (formerly taxify) into Nigeria in November 2016 as a ride hailing company.

Bolt Nigeria taxi

To prove that the Bolt company did not only venture to add to the pool of alternative ride-hailing players, the app made movement from place to place quite faster and more affordable. 

Today, deciding on how to get to a given destination can now happen less than a minute of downloading the app either from Google Playstore or Apple App Store depending on a user’s device.

Bolt Nigeria taxi

Built to serve in quick time, after a successful download, registration and account activation is simple and short with only a few bio data required.

The Bolt app developers seemed to understand how “lazy” end-users can be.

Bolt Nigeria

The app made it compulsory for each registered users to verify their emails -a good way to keep its usage secured. 

Finding a rider is equally easy on the app as users only need to confirm location and destination either by typing or locating on the displayed map.

By its ability to document travel history and issue travel invoice, the app comes with stellar functionalities, and helps users get more from their smartphone.

On the app, the travel history feature helps individuals keep a monthly travel record while its invoice processor helps users make a real-time cost on trips made in a given period. 

Bolt rider in Lagos

Upon launch of the app, the menu tab opens users to a replete of options to choose from.

Making payment is just as easy as much as setting up a “work ride” where one can register to manage the entire movement needs and logistics of staff members of a company. 

Bolt taxi

This way, companies can access records and invoices of trips covered by their officers on a single account, especially when the company would be responsible for the charges. 

To say that this will enhance transparency within the company is to say the least as staff members will no longer be able to extort their employers by charging for trips they never took.

Still on the menu tab, selecting the “support” option takes users to a log of frequently asked questions that has been treated to serve users better. 

Bolt Nigeria taxi

This development is also encouraging, saving users the need to push enquiries to the company from time to time, which can be very unproductive to a business as Bolt. 

True to its title and tag, “support,” the option also contains quick guides for the education of users, supporting them by explaining in details what and how to carry out some activities on the app.

How the app can also contribute to Bolt’s general brand awareness and corporate identity promotion is also another integral part worthy of mention.

Clicking through to activate “Work Ride” provides an option to share the news on the app with existing users’ friends and families, in a way to increase the chances of the company getting its brand across to other prospective users.

Aside these major functions, the app also serves as a loop to the company’s blog posts by linking up to useful published contents from the blog. 

Bolt Nigeria

The app is one of the few service apps that keeps evolving. Contents on the app reveals that the company constantly reviews the app as contents on the use of nose mask to curtail the spread of coronavirus can be easily spotted on it, to reflect present realities.

The app, no doubt, is serving its purpose. And, with over 440k reviews and 10 million downloads, it continues to redefine how tech can be deployed to solve real life challenges around transportation. 

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