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Meet Dr Adeola Olubamiji who is all out to disprove old myths about education and life of African girl child

Dr Adeola Olubamiji is a Nigerian based in Canada, a country she unequivocally describes as her promise land.

About a decade ago, ambitious Adeola relocated to Canada, after some years residing in Finland.

According to Dr Adeola, her days in Finland were quite humbling, as she made ends meet through menial jobs as cleaning and salesmanship.

Moving to Canada on Scholarship, Adeola completed her Master’s degree and then topped it with a PhD.

Adeola Olubamiji

For being a reputable, charismatic pro-educational personality, she spends most of her time consulting in both education and engineering space.

Today, she has become an open book of inspiration to young girls and black women looking to excel in life by not accepting to settle for less.

In most of her instructive posts across social media platforms, the recently married Canada-based lady extols the virtue of not giving up and encourages are followers, especially ladies to believe in their dreams with the right energy shaped by hard work.

Adeola Olubamiji

On the frontline, Dr Adeola is an advocate of education, and continues to write snippets to disprove why EDUCATION ISN’T A SCAM against widespread belief amongst Nigerian youths.

See below for a sample of her post. The post was recently published to encourage women to keep going hard and finding time for pleasure in betweeen.

We hope you will enjoy it like we did, and follow Dr Adeola for more if you are not following her just yet.

Happy reading!

Adeola Olubamiji

“I know they told you good girls carry last. They also told you PhDs are poor. Yeah, they also told you black women don’t win but work harder than everyone else. Lastly, they told you that when you get too much education or relocate abroad (like me), no one will marry you.

“Listen, I am on these streets to show the following:

Good girls don’t have to carry last as they think. Good girls can win and with God and smart work, we will win.

Black women with legit brain and money working hard and living life exist. Real hustle, getting education and working hard too have good rewards! This can be you. Hi So, keep on keeping on. #EducationIsNotAScam.

You don’t need to fit in that box they put PhDs or people like you in. You are better than that. Create your own rules based on what works for you.

Marrying later is delayed gratification and you may get to eat the bigger cake as God will set a table before you and shock your enemies. Relax, focus, clean up and watch what God will do.

Someone is out there waiting for you and not settling! Do him a favour by not settling. I know it’s a long wait, position where he can find you now.

Your role model with PhDs, businesses and leadership roles who are married respect her good husband at home and just doesn’t show it. That’s why she has a home. Take care of your own home too.

Vacation is an important part of life. I have seen black women work for many years nonstop. Don’t use your kids as excuses. Plan and take that PTO my lady.

Adeola Olubamiji

“I hope my little light is giving you what you came here for. Let it shine baby, that little light of yours, let it shine
“It’s love and light from here ❤️”

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