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Meet 7-11 year old poor village children attending standard schools in the city

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We know you opened this post hoping to read the story of 7-11 year-old children attending standard schools in the city -children who, perhaps, you think are now being taught by qualified teachers who will go on to introduce them to the latest developments in the world courtesy of their secured educational plan.

Greenbles Crowdfunding

You probably want to read about how these wards are doing well in school, and how their respective schools have began to introduce them to creative art and tech, in a bid to raise young innovators for their villages.

Since it is a commonplace belief that humans learn better and faster when younger, you expect that these kids must, therefore, be brilliant and remarkably outstanding.

Sorry, the reality in some villages in Iseyin, Oyo State, where one of our farms is situated, is contrary to this picture.

The case is so humbling that we couldn’t resist and had to come in. The situation is worse in places like Alayin, Alayan, Salami, Sekelade, Daripapa and Agelu.

Greenbles Crowdfunding

Who are we? We came into Iseyin in 2016 as an agribusiness venture with a large pool of farmers signed under our network, cultivating crops (such as cassava, cashew, maize and yam) and connecting farmers to household consumers.

Coming into Iseyin was supposed to be strictly for business but the state of education in this rural community called for serious intervention.

As a team promoting SDGs with community development at the centre of our ideology, we resolved that kids that were fast becoming manual labourers on farms should be given opportunities to access quality education for a secured future.

Hence, we launched a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project: Greenbles Edu Support scheme to make this possible.

Greenbles Crowdfunding

For us, this is a good way to deliver on our long term goal in contributing to societal development as we look to support rural kids to attend standard schools in order to give them a life-time chance to compete with their contemporaries and counterparts in other regions.

How, you may ask? Through the Greenbles Edu Support scheme, we seek to support these kids with 5% of our social enterprise profit, going forward.

To get more kids in school, we invite you (alongside the general public) to join us by donating as low as #1000.

Greenbles Crowdfunding

With your donation, you will help these kids redefine life and assure them of a glorious future where your contribution will serve as a vehicle leading the way for these still-downtrodden children.

If you are in this with us, do share our vision with your friends and colleagues.
Together, let’s give these little Iseyin children a better chance to life and quality education.

Donate Now.
Marawe Greenbles
UBA BANK – 1019106521

Every penny will go a long way to return hope for a brighter future for these kids. 

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