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Exclusive Interview with Adeola Osindero, a PEFTI ‘Hall of Fame’ featured graduate

The Nigeria entertainment industry, is fast growing with new young creative artists. Recently, the Pefti Film Institute of Wale Adenuga Productions has several students who graduated from the film school.

One or the outstanding student who featured in the “Pefti Hall of Fame” is Adeola Osindero alongside popular Nollwood Stars; David Akande, Rotimi Salami, Kelechi Udegbe, Dorris Simon, Adewale John and many others.

Adeola Osindero popularly known as ‘Adeola Jobele’ is a young creative artiste with many features; She is an actor, professional dancer, choreographer, makeup artiste, martial art student, footballer and many other creative features. In an exclusive interview with her, she revealed some interesting facts about her real life.

Kindly Introduce Yourself?

My name is Adeola Osindero many know me as ‘Adeola Jobele’. Am a creative actor and dancer, I posses so many other skills and talents. I have produced some short movies as well as a featured movie titles ‘Adeola Jobele’ which featured some Nollwood Actors; Niyi Johnson, Madam Saje, Shola Kosoko, Madam No Network and host of stars.

Have you always known you were going to be an Actor, if yes, why? If no, what redirected your course to Acting?

Yes, while growing up, I developed a huge passion for acting. In my primary school I joined the school drama club, during the end of the year party I am always part of the actors for dramatic presentation. This gave me a huge confidence as my parents, teachers and family always see that poet and since then my instinct has been saying this is my way cause I’m always happy when acting as well as dancing.

Do you feel individually inspired to be creative in your acting skills or you’re an artist that follows through with the trends?

Actually Yes. I felt I’m individually inspired to be creative in my acting skills. I posses these talents and each time I put them to use, I get inspired. Each time I see people doing the same I always get inspired and learn from it as well.

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What personal skills would you say has been of tremendous help to your Acting career?

Dancing drama, short drama and singing.

I have a natural acting and dancing skills with a broad sense of imaginative features, physical expressions and vocal projection.

What would you call a major challenge(s) in your career, if you have overcome it, how did you? If it’s still apparent, what are the possible solutions you’re planning to employ for this/these.

My major challenge in my career is pressure from my parents who felt unsecured with people in the Filmmaking industry due to the stories we often hear. The media space about several atrocities or immorality in the movie industry. So, she is very much sensitive with me going to locations for productions.

But sometimes ago while in secondary school, I represented my school for a creative competition in Canada, which really exposed more in the creative world meeting students from different countries. Since my return back into Nigeria after the competition, she gets to understand that being over protective will discouraged my efforts in my line of creativity. Also, not everyone in the line of entertainment is bad.

Do you intend to be mentors or would you rather be a great actor that came, saw and conquered and disappeared? Why?

I intend to lay a legacy for my fellow youths out there and the young ones as well be a great role model to young actors and dancers in the creative world.

What would you consider your greatest achievement, if you have achieved it, how did you go about it? If not, what would it be and how do you plan on achieving this set goal?

The competition which we won the first runner up in Canada with my dance group at the moment can still be teemed as my greatest achievement. Meanwhile, this is just a tip cause because more achievement is still on the way.

Do you have any exceptionally admired music artist in your sphere, that you could consider a role model/mentor directly or indirectly?

Don’t really have any meant, nor role model. But I admire Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson.

Well I will say I got no much pressure than funds to do good job by doing that I think I’m going to make a name for myself cause I got many works at hand that will boost my name lol not yet financially stable but I see them becoming a win for me soonest cause God See’s all my hustle..

Adeola Osindero

What impacts have you made with your Celebrity roles and opportunities handed to you as a celebrity to your fan base and the society at large.

I have tried to encourage the youths around me to be focused, face their studies as well to be a good youth in the society.

Describe yourself in one word, kindly explain why you have chosen this word.

I’m a kind hearted person, not saying this to praise myself nor elevate me just felt that’s my best description.

What would you advise people with unexpressed passion for acting who hasn’t found a support board yet?

Consistency is the key, do it and do it more. Just to continue and never put to your creative acting don’t quit because you haven’t found a supportive, keep doing it and one day your story will change.

What was your breakout moment in the entertainment industry and if this had not happened, would you still be pressing further in entertainment as a career?

None yet but soon as I press further in the entertainment industry.

Apart from acting what else are you currently involved with and why did you choose that path? If nothing, what is the reason for this decision?

Playing football, this is another talent I have posses and I keep improving on it and hopefully I get discovered one day as well to represent my country.

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  • I have no doubt that she (Adeola) will excel in her endeavor, not only that she was very active when she was younger, she does things with acute diligence and vigor and I love her for that. More grace dear.

  • Ahanks to God 🙏 & also my mom ( wura aye mi 💓💓 ) .
    Wishing you all the best in life dear

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