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Exclusive interview with fast rising Actress Adeola Imo

The Nollywood industry is getting more interesting with more young creative artistes popping up with extraordinary skills and passion for quality acting. On our Exclusive Interview today, we have Olusola Adeola, popularly known as Adeola Imo.

‘Adeola Imo’ starred in the popular movie ‘Imo’, which was produced by Adeshina Paul Bogumbe. Since featuring in the movie, Adeola Imo as being a household name earning him several other big roles and awards. In our chit chat with her, she revealed some facts about herself, kindly enjoy below.

Kindly introduce yourself?

My name is Olusola Adeola Aduragbemi, the 3rd child of a family of 5, a creative artiste and currently studying music at the polytechnic of Ibadan.

Have you always known you were going to be an Actor, if yes, why? If no, what redirected your course to Acting?

Yes, but I never thought my parents will allow me study something related because my initial course of study is law.

But after my secondary school, I went to live with my elder sister that that’s working and studying mass communication in a Nigeria institute of journalism in Lagos at that time, so she’s acting too and that’s how we start doing skits, going for church drama and drama presentations at any events we see. That gave me the privilege to go for an audition she saw online and from there the acting journey begins.

Adeola Imo

Do you feel individually inspired to be creative in your acting skills or you’re an artist that follows through with the trends?

Basically, I follow whatever I’m directed to do onset as well as adding my own creative style to make it beautiful.

What personal skills would you say has been of tremendous help to your Acting career?

Dancing drama, short drama and singing.

It’s my ability to CRY whenever it’s needed onset and the boldness in me to act with any Actor onset… I don’t get panic else it built my confidence more.

What would you call a major challenge(s) in your career, if you have overcome it, how did you? If it’s still apparent, what are the possible solutions you’re planning to employ for this/these

The major challenge I’ve had in the past was when I was told to make it in the industry I have to date an actor or director, but I overcome it because I’m more focused and I have the belief my talent will speak for me. Today, I thank God for where my talent has taken me to and where it’s still taking me to.

Do you intend to be a mentor or would you rather be a great actor that came, saw and conquered and disappeared? Why?

I intend to lay a legacy for my offsprings, my fellow youths out there and the young ones as well be a great role model to young creative artists in the world.

What would you consider your greatest achievement, if you have achieved it, how did you go about it? If not, what would it be and how do you plan on achieving this set goal?

I’m looking forward to be an international actor featuring in the Hollywood, Bollywood et al to achieve this, I will keep being me, being focused and I believe with consistency I can achieve all.

Do you have any exceptionally admired music artist in your sphere, that you could consider a role model/mentor directly or indirectly?

Yes, I have a role model that I can consider directly.

What impacts have you made with your Celebrity roles and opportunities handed to you as a celebrity to your fan base and the society at large?

I’m looking forward to getting bigger in the Industry so I can do so many things to my fans and audience at large. But for now I’m not capable of doing anything for the society than appreciating them for loving me.

Describe yourself in one word, kindly explain why you have chosen this word

Adeola is Ambitious, because I have strong desire to succeed in life.

Adeola Imo

What would you advise to people with unexpressed passion for acting who hasn’t found a support board yet?

Be focused, I would tell them to keep having that focused and maybe find a theater group to join or go for auditions, I believe there they will get the support they ever wanted.

What was your breakout moment in the entertainment industry and if this had not happened, would you still be pressing further in entertainment as a career?

I will call the IMO movie a breakout moment because it makes the audience gives me the nick name (IMO), though I’m not there yet, I will keep working till I finally get there by putting more effort and God’s grace I shall get there.

Apart from Acting what else are you currently involved with and why did you choose that path? If nothing, what is the reason for this decision?

I’m also into music. I choose to do that support to my acting career and that’s why I’m also a singer/song writer and a guitarist.

Author: Kasali Adesina