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Interview with Nigerian filmmaker Adeyinka Adetoyi, movie editor who creates ‘Hollywood-like’ video effects

Adetoyi Adeyinka, CEO V6 Media, a Nigeria-based filmmaking company, is an actor, editor, director and producer. Adeyinka, since his foray into filmmaking, has worked with notable industry players to include Lateef Adedimeji, Rotimi Salami and Akinola Akano. In this interview, the VFX artist and CGI compositor speaks to Quillcastle Nigeria about his career and new project.

Tell us some household names you have worked with since you ventured into filmmaking.

“Quite impressive, I have worked with quite a number of them. Names that readily come to mind include Lateef Adedimeji, Rotimi Salami, Akinola Akano (Segbowe), Igho Otega (another fast rising actor), and Tunde Oladimeji.
I must say here that I enjoy working with any of them, anytime.”

Who are two other people you look forward to working with in the future, and why?

“First thing first, you know as a filmmaker (producer, director, editor, e.t.c, your job revolves around working with talents and other experts. One of the actors I’d love to work with is Gabriel Afolayan. That man is a wonderful actor, and a mentor.

“Another actor I’d love to work with is Ricard Mofe-Damijo. He is another great man and an amazing actor. I watch him and sometimes feel his acting is beyond man’s comprehension.”

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The other day we saw you on AfricaMagic, personally, what do you enjoy about your job?

“The endless buzz. It’s a great feeling when your craft is being appreciated by the fans of your work. In fact, not necessarily by many people. As long as someone appreciates it, personally, I’m fulfilled.”

We have a lot about your video editing magical skills, but what do you consider as the most challenging aspect of your work as a filmmaker?

“Finance is the most challenging part of filmmaking. As it is in every profession, quality filmmaking is expensive -from equipment to film production to film promotion.

“Filmmaking will want to take everything away from you. You can imagine I’m still investing on filmmaking, despite being here for a while. By this, I mean buying professional equipment to execute projects. Finance is the biggest challenge.

What project are you currently working on, and when should your fans be looking forward to any new release from you next?

“I’m working on a web series titled: The Nigerian Lone Wolf. It’s a story of a young Nigerian military personnel who is tired of his job, hence, he is transferring his anger and frustration on people crossing his path.

“My team is doing everything possible to produce their best yet. Fans should look out for a series on war/action/drama. They, sure, will be blown away this time.

“On time, the first episode of The Nigerian Lone Wolf will be released to YouTube on Saturday, September 18, 2021. That’s exactly a month to my birthday. Yeah…

“Fans can stream as we drop it on”

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