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Exclusive interview with Nollywood star Shoneye Olamilekan


The Nollywood Film Industry is a fast-growing industry with various actors in the business of Filmmaking. In a chit-chat with fast-growing Nollywood actor Shoneye Olamilekan who is fondly called ‘Papa Show,’ we discussed the role of an actor and how he is able to play different tasking characters in movies.

According to him, as an actor, his job is to fully represent the character he’s playing and to convince the audience that the character is real by engaging them and drawing them into the story. This applies to major roles and smaller parts, as all roles combine to create a successful production.

He further revealed that there are many ways to get into character. He explained that actors often research the jobs, hobbies, or activities of the characters they play so they are able to put themselves in that frame of mind.

shoneye olamilekan

He asserted: “Physical appearance can be important in creating a character. Hence, actors will often lose or gain weight, or change their hair color to physically create the character they are playing.

“If the part demands any kind of emotional drama (for example, coping with a death), as an actor I often research people who have experienced what the storyline depicts in order to realistically understand and convey the emotions involved.”

Citing his role in the audience-thrilling movie Kadara Olorun, the actor further confirmed how the life of movie stars must be dynamic enough to thrive in the industry. Beyond movie-making, Shoneye also spoke on other ventures that he is into.


“As an actor, I am bound to play any role when I am invited. I can interpret any role given to me as an actor. In the movie Kadara Olorun, I was able to prove myself that I can act and interpret many other roles. Kadara Olorun is an emotional story and if you have watched the movie you will definitely know what I am talking about.

“Also, the Oba Bi Olorun movie, in which I played the role of a king, is another tasking character as well as my unreleased movie AIYE ATIJO which I played two different characters.

“Definitely, I have played some other tasking characters in several movies which have proven my versatility. Though, I am still learning and growing in the craft. As an actor you must be versatile, this will keep you in the industry for a long time. The summary is for you to be able to fit into several characters.

“As an actor, I am as well a Fashion Model, Brand Influencer and Serial Business Man.”

AUTHOR: Adesina Kasali