Swedish artist, who drew cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, dies in car crash

Swedish artist, Lars Vilks, who drew the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad, has died in a car crash on Sunday.

Vilks, who sketched the caricature of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in 2007, died alongside two police officers guarding him.

Aged 75, at the time of death, his vehicle reportedly collided with a truck and caught fire Sunday afternoon.

The Swedish police confirmed the incident, in a statement, assuring the public that investigations into the cause of the road accident have commenced.

While Lars alongside the two police officers burnt to ashes, the truck driver has been taken to hospital.

The statement reads:

“This is being investigated like any other road accident. Because two policemen were involved, an investigation has been assigned to a special section of the prosecutor’s office.

“The person we were protecting and two colleagues died in this inconceivable and terribly sad tragedy.”

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