Nigerians call for the scrapping of Yobe State after announcing intent to reduce salaries of workers by 10%

Less than 24hours after Yobe Government announced an impending 10 percent deduction in the November basic salaries of its civil servants as their contributions to the current efforts to revive the education sector in the state, Nigerians have reacted.

Nigerians weighed in on the resolution of Yobe State Government to reduce its workers’ salary by 10%, suggesting that the state be scrapped or merged with another to achieve a significant milestone as a state in the federation.

The reactions are expected to help the government ponder of other ways to finance its project outside cutting down on the salaries of its labour force.

Some of the reactions gathered by Quillcastle Nigeria suggested that the state be scrapped, with claims that the state isn’t generating revenue internally.

Reactions from Nigerians

Idede James Odeh said: “If without federal allocation, a state is not self sufficient, the state should be scrapped or merged with others.”

Ewa John said: “This state is not a producing, it is not generating revenue for itself, please scrap it.”

Wilson Ejekwu said: “This state is failing?”

Joseph Ayeni said: “Some state needs to be merged.”

Thomas Marcus said: “A time is coming that the Nigerian government will order for free civil work – work without salary. The governor of the state suppose not to collect salary, nor allowance; if he want to lead by example and show his love for the educational system of the state.

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