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Nigerians disagree with Pantami over claim that Nigeria is best for investment in Africa

Nigerians have taken to social media to debunk claims by the minister of communications and digital economy, Prof. Isa Pantami, describing Nigeria has the best country to invest in Africa.

The minister, speaking on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) had claimed that Nigeria is a blessed nation with enormous opportunities for anyone to grow their business.

According to Pantami, the Buhari-led administration had reformed the country to be a better space for businesses to thrive.

Reactions from Nigerians

Reacting to the statement, however, Nigerians have expressed their disagreement, citing challenges ranging from insecurity to anti-entrepreneurial policies by the government as counter-argument.

A social media user identified simply as Ulu Udonsi argued that Nigeria is not fit for investment as the country still battles with epileptic power supply, poor internet reception amongst other factors.

Ulu Udonsi said: “If I hear eehhhn! Best investment site with no stable power supply? With insecurity of lives and property? With fluctuating mobile connectivity and sometimes shutdown connectivity due to your legal businessmen doing their legitimate businesses in the Northwest, Middle Belt and Northwest? With multiple taxation and a cutthroat interest rate?
Abeg, park well and switch on the inner light.”

Other reactions spotted by Quillcastle Nigeria followed similar fashion, with insecurity at the centre.

Adaora Maureen said: “Hmmm my people run for ur lives ooh.”

Pius Natasha said: “With bandits and kidnapping up and down, if it’s you will u invest in a country that security is not sure?”

Kelvin Peter said: “With what’s happening in Kaduna / Abuja highway, with what ARMY is doing in Imo State , burning people’s business places and house’s , with what’s happening in Madugiri , Terrorist taking over some local government area.”

Usman Mk said: “Security of lives and properties, stable power supply are the major considerations for foreign investors which the country currently lacks. Even the available ones that we have are relocating to neighbouring countries.”

Ismail Omifisoye said: “What with lackadaisical attitude to core security issues, epileptic power supply, grandiose corruption in the corridor of power,…

Ifeanyi Anuforo said: “These people can not be tired of deceiving themselves. In a country characterized by insurgency, banditary and all forms of insecurity including economy downturn cursed by the present government. You expect people to invest while some of you looters Carry money and invest in foreign countries.”

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