Over-the-phone scammer pretended as an old man to dupe me,” man recounts encounter with scammer

A Nigerian man identified simply as Adegunwa Adenariwo, has taken to social media to recount his recent encounter with a group of scammers.

Adegunwa, through his Facebook profile, recalled how he was called over the phone by one of the crew to quiz him before handling him over to the other partner who played the role of an old man.

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“I wonder who in this world still fall for this kind of scam.

“I was preparing to go out yesterday evening and decided to use the rest room before setting out.

“I came out to see a missed call on my phone, it was a number I don’t have on my contact list, for curiosity sake I placed a call to the number.

“The line was initially busy but went true after the second attempt.

‘”Hello, hello,”I muttered

“It took the person on the other end of the phone some time to reply.

‘”Eku irole (good evening ) sir,” he finally responded in Yoruba.

‘”My name is Tunde, Baba mistakenly transfered call credit that is meant for his daughter to your number. Kindly help us to send it back”

“I dropped the call to check my inbox but didn’t see any message of such, I checked my call credit balance to confirm if there is any significant change.

“I was still doing this when a message came in, i called Tunde to tell him that I have seen the message.

‘”Can you help me send it back to Baba.” he pleaded.

‘”I don’t need to send it back to baba, just resend the message to the rightful person, trust me I won’t load the card.” I assured him.

“At this time I was already running late, I picked my bag, locked the door and stepped out.

“I was exchanging pleasantries with my neighbours when Tunde’s call came in, he thanked me for not using the card and said Baba want to talk me.

‘”My son thank you, may the good Lord bless you, may you overcome your enemies………” Baba goes on and on with prayer.

“I was saying countless of amen when I noticed that his pitch was not consistent

“Infact he was sounding like a ‘wannabe’ Yoruba artist that is trying hard to switch his youthful voice to that of old man in a role.

“Suddenly his prayer points that was Christian like from the beginning gradually changes to deep Yoruba words and phrases that will make goggle translator run for cover.

“He must have been hearing my neighbours chattering at the background so he “instructed” me to go to a secluded place and call him back.

‘“I was like, me go to secluded place and call you back, “are you m^d or something?”

“He will need to try a new story line next time as his method is outdated.”

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