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Yemi-my-lover female military officer: Will the army storm blow off her uniform?

I was surfing the internet and came across a post wherein a serving personnel of the Nigerian Army did the “yes, I do.” Well, love is a beautiful thing. It makes water flow from the hardest of stone and makes giants submissive.

Let me take you on a wording to prepare your mind should the military decide to talk harsh and let its hammer down on its female personnel.

Despite all odds, the Army remains an organized place where things are done in accordance to laid down rules and procedures. There are several books guiding lots of doings in the military. One of those books talks about respect for others, frowned against some conducts. Some appears funny but can create heavy sanction should you disregard it.

Soldiers are not allowed to fly their zippers to urinate by the road side, a soldier won’t take a smoke along the road. It contains more.

As regards this Yemi my lover and her love story.

I have trained more than 7 batches of Corp Members at the NYSC Orientation Camp and I can tell you for free that prior to our departure to these camps, Codes and Conducts would be clearly read out to you telling you the do’s and dont’s with emphasis on zero tolerance to amorous entanglement between soldiers and Corp Members while on the orientation ground.

Some of us would see big yansh and brez but would keep eyes front because we know what would befall us should we strike a relationship and it gets blown in the camp. So what we do mostly is, we strike a relationship and keep it on the offing until after the Camp.

It was alarming when this lady showed up in a video that has already gone viral. The lady was seen to have accepted an engagement ring from this male Corp Member amidst cheers, like that wasn’t even enough, she went ahead to place a kiss on the guy’s lips. Oh great Kali! Love is sure an aphrodisiac.

The military has its own procedures as regards marriage of its personnel. A procedure which was flaunted by this personnel.

Away from that.

There’s this thing we call “Conduct” in the military. Conduct talks about how you should behave, your carriage and attitude while on uniform.

How serious is it when someone traverse that conduct line?

Well, conduct remains one of the worse offenses in the military. It is so powerful that it can cost your profession.

Conduct encompasses loads of behaviors which shouldn’t be exhibited so as not to tarnish the image of the organization.

Conduct talks about the non – protesting nature of the military. Meaning, the military reserves no right to protest. Be it peacefully or not. Military shouldn’t be seen belonging to a political party or fraternity. Conducts anchor on so many things that shouldn’t be done. It’s more like the Army’s 10 Commandment.

Corper and female military officer

Years ago, I was offered a hug by someone who saw me at the airport. I apologetically declined, giving the stern military procedure as an excuse. Just imagine my inability to hug a friend while on uniform, something I could have done if off it.

This lady didn’t just accept the ring, she did the most despicable of things by throwing caution to the air. Possibly intoxicated by the power of love😍.

You might not see anything so special in what she has done. Well, your opinion doesn’t contradict the fact that it negates the military and its ethics.

I read the Army has gotten her arrested. I pray it’s not true.

Ouch! I can’t but wish her the very best in her endeavor as she battles the military to the fight of affection vs conducts.

For the facebook warriors and defenders, sharpen your pen and be ready to strike defense. It still won’t stop a thing except the military decides to allow her by playing the ostrich which I vehementy doubt.

“He who will swallow udala seed, must consider the size of his anus.”


Written by: Kolawole Oludare Stephen

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