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“How I moved from 0 USD to 40,000 USD,” tech savvy and digital creator shares success story

A tech savvy and digital creator, simply identified as Easlo, has taken to the microblogging site, Twitter, to share how he made over $40k in 10 months.

The 20 year old NotionHQ ambassador, who graduated from junior college in 2021, made the revelation in a thread on Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

According to Easlo, his stash of wealth was made selling digital, high-impact solution templates.

Read full story:

I went from $0 to $40k in 10 months.

Here’s how I did it:

It’s 2021.

I just graduated from junior college.

I started exploring using @NotionHQ for more than just note-taking in class.

I started consuming lots of content.

I watched videos, read tutorials and joined Notion communities across the internet.

It was then I realised the power of Notion.

I started building.

I created a @NotionHQ finance tracker to track my personal expenses.

It felt great, like I created my own app.

I decided to share.

I shared a screenshot of my setup with the Notion Reddit, and Notion Made Simple Facebook.

I was overwhelmed with positive responses.

I started using @gumroad.

I launched more free templates, but toggled on “pay what you want”.

I made my first $100 online.

I learn how to distribute on Twitter.

I started doing giveaways of free templates via DM and repeated the same for months.

Over time, I grew an audience on both Twitter and Gumroad.

I then focused on creating more advanced templates.

Since I now have an email list, I was able to sell to my existing customers.

I explored more ways of distributing my templates.

I launched on Product Hunt, AppSumo, Notionery, Notion Everything and Prototion.

This increased traffic to my products.

I partnered with content creators, blogs, newsletters, and platforms to share my products and my journey.

This include @KeepProductive, @gumroad, @IndieHackers, and @Gridfiti.

This led to more growth and a larger audience.

That is my journey from $0 to $40k.

I just turned 20 yesterday.

I’m hoping this inspires you, and many others.

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