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Nigerian Poet, Tijjani Muhammad Musa, eulogises slain girl-child in new poem: “DEAREST HANEEFAH”

Haneefah Abubakar killed by school proprietor

Nigerian prolific poet and radio presenter, Tijjani Muhammad Musa, has eulogised the late Haneefah Abubakar, in a new poem titled: DEAREST HANEEFAH, sympathizing the loss of the young child.

The 5 year old Haneefah was reportedly kidnapped and killed (by one Abdulmalik Tanko, a school proprietor in Kawana area of Kano State) in an abominable circumstance.

The poet opens the poem with a wordplay (DeaRest), perhaps, reflecting a solemn prayer for the repose and revel of the soul of the late girl.

Tijjani Muhammad Musa in the 24-line poem questions the rationale behind the murder of the girl, describing the incident as betrayal.

The Kano-based poet, author and marriage counsellor rhetorically posed in the second verse: “What on earth is wrong with he? Is conscience so lacking in him?”

Read full poem below:

DEAREST HANEEFAH by Nigerian Poet Tijjani Muhammad Musa

Haneefah Abubakar killed by school proprietor

O True believer (DeaRest Haneefah)
A brilliant glow, brief on mother earth
Betrayed by one worthy of your trust
Who deserves no mercy of Most Merciful.

What on earth is wrong with he?
Is conscience so lacking in him?
Can’t they see beyond immediacy
What likely follows all greedy schemes?

Why is mankind forever the same?
As did happen to Kane, same to all!
He was so determine to fall into ruins
Blinded by his venomous rage of hatred.

Swore to extinguish a fire burning
Not anticipating the freezer to follow
So was caught stark naked in the cold
A man not even smarter than a mere crow!

Does he think normal, like talk is cheap?
Disrupting harmony, expecting not chaos?
Caging a heart that’ll beat on unperturbed
With a mind not minding sins on its mind?

“How can you kill, mutilate, bury peace
Creating a vacuum that cannot be filled
Then still dream of residing in tranquility
By lieing on a bed of six million scorpions?”

©2022 Tijjani M. M.
All Rights Reserved


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