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PERSONALITY POEM: Dear Cousin by Ahmed Jahangeer bhat

Tall, slim and well trim.
Unani is your own whim.

To dear ones, you’re Dr. Neefu.
Physique perfect like men of kungfu.

Your long thin and shiny hair
Are like sheet of silk flowing wear.

Voice, so innocent; husky and subtle.
Tender heart and nails so brittle.

Fond of citrus fruits and Chinese food.
Happy chap, brimming emotions, and excited mood.

Basking in fair complexion and naughty nature.
Medicine is your goal and ultimate future.

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Ridwan Adelaja

Venture analyst focusing on African tech startups, founders and the Big Five ventures: Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft.

He also takes time out to showcase amazing African thought leaders. Before coming to maintain his spotlight column on Quillcastle Nigeria, he anchored Youngfrica TV Show on CBA TV during his stay in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Tel: +2348025300029

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